Coming Up for Air

We've been absolutely buried as of late (a good thing) so my posting here has been severely lacking but here's a brief update of what we've been up to.  A few pics from building and a few of finished bikes, I apologize in advance for photo quality.  Pics from the phone are never very good but you can see what we've been up to.

That's a lot of drop outs...

  Check out the new head tube.  44 mm i.d. for running tapered steerer forks, helps keep those big ol' 29er wheels going where you want.
 Only True Temper's finest here OX Platinum. 

 Johnny's welds perfect and beautiful as usual.
Miter, tack, weld, beer, repeat...

 Matt's 29er, the pearl white on white w/ red outline decals looked really good. These pics don't do it any justice at all.

 Eric's snow bike built up and ready to rip.  A nice avocado green that came out sweet but next time I'm having the stickers done up in faux wood paneling.

Scott's Fattie frame finally finished and off to DGO.

Tobacco Road by Common Market for ya.  Love the little piano hook in this one.


Fattie Anyone?

Pics of Dale's sweet new ride at the brewery and a video of him putting it to good use.  Oh and did I mention it was belt drive.  Damn straight, now you know.


650b Ripper, the tweener size is legit!

Check it, Raven Cycle Werks first 650b, we built this for Sarah, at 5'2" she wasn't completely comfortable on a 29er but wanted to get on a bigger wheel especially for single speeding and this was the perfect compromise.  This thing turned out really nice, I love the bigger diameter downtube on this bike and built up it came in just a hair under 20 lbs. with pretty standard issue components...no carbon to be seen anywhere.


Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series

Alright people, it's on, snow bikes will dominate this weekend in the high country.  The good folks in Leadville are not ones to shy away from riding in the cold and snow and are bringing us three fantastic events this winter.  The first race is this Saturday and looks to be a great time.  We'll be there representing and showing off some of our handiwork on the snow bike scene and Oskar Blues will be providing their fine post ride refreshments.  See you there!

Currently playing as I write this post...


Bikes and beats.

Matt's bike just after getting finished up.

A couple of our favorites the Black Keys and the Mighty Mos together.


It's snow problem...

We just finished up a couple snow bikes.  One for us and one for the crew at Golden Bike Shop.  These were really fun to build due to their ginormous size.  That's right I said ginormous, 170mm rear spacing and 135mm front fork, ready for some monster tires.  Still waiting on parts but I'm excited to get this one rolling especially after the front range is finally getting snow down low.

Raven Cycle Werks...Inception

New Year, new company started, bringing you the best handbuilt bicycles straight out of Colorado, USA.  After disappointing experiences working for other people this seemed to be the only logical step for us.  We want to bring a rider owned, rider driven company to you, the people.  Riding bikes represents our lifestyle above all else and always has.  The fair majority of people in this world don't understand this but hopefully you do.  It represents our entertainment, our transportation, our competition and our escape from the daily beatdown.  Our whole adult lives have been arranged around the simple joy of the two wheeled lifestyle.  We've worked in bike shops since we were teenagers, we've worked for bike companies small and large, we've lost friends and girlfriends to it, we drive crappy cars because bikes are more important, we've raced for months on end with no jobs or money in sight, we've traveled around the country trying to find singletrack and smooth pavement, we've bonked miles from nowhere, we've gone hypothermic and gotten heatstroke from it, we've sold all worldly possessions to support it,  in short it's what drives us to do what we do, build the highest quality frames for you, the people, our people to go out and rip on.

Some pics from one of our last steel builds.